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Anastasia Soboleva born 1989, Kostroma, Russia.
Lives in Reutov, Moscow Region.

2016-2018 — New Artistic Strategies. ICA, Moscow.
2011-2013 — Photography (the studio of Sergey Sonin and Elena Samorodova, later in the studio of Rauph Mamedov). British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow.

2018 — Yorgos Sapountzis' workshop "Material?!" at Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts.
2018 — Jason Fullford's workshop "Visual Language: How Pictures Speak to Each Other" at International Summer School of Photography (ISSP), Latvia.
2017 — Peter Puklus workshop. Lumiere Centre of Photography. Moscow.
2017 — 
Akina Books' (Alex Bocchetto and Valentina Abenavoli) workshop "Photobook Process" at FUAM Project Istanbul, Turkey.
2016 — Alejandro Chaskielberg's workshop "Documentary Experiments: Photographing day, night and in between" at International Summer School of Photography (ISSP), Latvia.

Since November 2017 –  one of the artists of APXIV group – self-organised group of artists and artist-run space in Moscow, since 2012 – part of Troyka Union – female group of documentary photographers investigating Russia.

2019 — Kassel Dummy Award, short list (Tear Line project). 
2017 — Istanbul Photobook Festival Dummy Book Award, short list (Tear Line project).
2017 — Young Photography Award hosted by Fotodepartament (Tear Line project).

2019 — Nezhen. Series #3 within “Communities and Spaces” group exhibition. Winzavod, Moscow, Russia.
2019 — Nezhen. Series #2. Promgrafica gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2018 — Tear Line. Solo exhibition within OFF-Triennale Hamburg. Studio 45, Hamburg, Germany.
2018 — Mimicry. Solo exhibition in collaboration with Valeria Pekarskaya within KosMost Festival. Stantsia art-venue, Kostroma, Russia.
2018 — Every Breath You Take. Performance night of Yourgos Sapountzis class at Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts. Salzburg, Austria.
2018 — Infinite Savage. Group exhibition. Kuldiga Arts Hall, Latvia.
2018 — Myths and Legends of Everyday Life. Group Exhibition. The New Wing of Gogol House, Moscow, Russia.
2017 — Sessions of Phantom Communication. Group Exhibition. ICA, Moscow, Russia.
2017 — KITI8. Group Exhibition. Photoklaipeda, Lithuania.
2017 — Young Photography exhibition as part of Presence Festival. Group exhibition. Berthold Center, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2017 — Mozhet! Festival. Vadikavkaz, Russia.
2016 — ISSP 2016 Final Works. Group exhibition. Kuldiga Arts Hall, Latvia.
2014 — Muzeon, photographic plein air. Group exhibition. Moscow, Russia.
2013 — Sakhart festial. Group exhibition. Moscow, Russia.
2012 — The best of Britanka. Group exhibition. Artplay, Moscow, Russia.
2012 — The people. Solo exhibition. Stantsia art-venue, Kostroma, Russia.

Exhibitions within APXIV group:
2020 — Postindustrial APXINALLE. Online event in collaboration with NCCA Ural.
2020 — Peace. Labour. Minecraft. Interactive event at Uncensored Library, Minecraft.
2020 — Immersion. CCA Fabrica, Moscow, Russia.
2019 —
APXIV PLAZA. Within Supermarket Moscow. Tsvetnoy Central Market, Moscow, Russia.
2019 — Digital Happening. Interactive happening. Worldwide.
2019 — Presence Festival. Sevcabel Port, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2019 — SAM FAIR. Street-Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2019 — Wake Up Tomorrow. Private mansion, Moscow, Russia.
2019 — Communities and Spaces group exhibition. Winzavod, Moscow, Russia.
2019 — Everycycle. Within Copenhagen Art Week. 7C, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2019 — Party Museum. Within Copenhagen Art Week. Salon 75, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2019 — Distributed Bar System at the Opening of Copenhagen Art Week. Within Copenhagen Art Week. Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2019 — In Your Trace: the Inspirational Forces in Russian and Hungarian Contemporary Art. Within Budapest Art Week. Mikve Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.
2019 — Open Jam-Session. In collaboration with CybOrk and SA)). APXIV, Moscow, Russia.
2018 — APXIV Selling Service. Tsvetnoy Central Market, Moscow, Russia.
2018 — NOX DEARUM, APXIV, Moscow, Russia.
2018 — Immersive Walk. Apxiv at the Volga River. Within KosMost Festival. On board of ferry “M-52“, Kostroma, Russia.
2018 — Cosmoscow Talks, Cosmoscow Art Fair, Gostinyi Dvor, Moscow, Russia.
2018 — Apxiv 24. Parallel program of The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. APXIV, Moscow, Russia.
2018 — BAIKONUR NOW. APXIV, Moscow, Russia.
2018 — APXIV group - Art on Demand. APXIV, Moscow, Russia.
2017 — Pleiades of Complementary Existences. APXIV, Moscow, Russia.
2017 — Discourse of the Other as Jouissance. Speed-dating with artists-residents of APXIV, Moscow, Russia.
2017 — The Beginning of the Season. APXIV, Moscow, Russia. 

Exhibitions within Troyka Union:
2018 — Reading Room. FOLD Gallery, University of Nebraska-Linkoln, Lincoln, NE, USA.
2017 — You Really Know Where You Are. Unicorn Center for Art in collaboration with Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China.
2016 — The Materialist Postscript. Galerie Philine Cremer, Dusseldorf, Germany.
2016 — 0,10. Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China.
2016 — 6th Jinan International Photography Biennial. Jinan, China.
2015 — The Sublime Object. Star Gallery, Beijing, China.
2014 — Dialectical Territories. Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China.
2014 — Chopeniada. Skryabin Museum, Moscow, Russia.
2014 — The Map and the Territory. Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China.
2014 — Chopeniada. Buryat State Philarmonia, Ulan-Ude, Russia.
2014 — SI fest. MIR MAR, Savignano, Italy.
2013 — Russian export. 55 Sydenham Road, Australia.
2013 — Le nostre mura. Museo Casa Giorgione, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy.
2013 — Troyka, solo exhibition. Artplay, Moscow, Russia.
2012 — Between Earth and Sky. Rizzordi Art Foundation, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Photos were published in Der Greif, Russia Beyond the Headlines, Hopes and Fears, Prosport magazine, Ostlook project, The Other Side of Europe, etc. Works with Aeroflot, VNIIZHT (Russian railways), Dialogue Dance school and company, Trends Brands, Frau Berg, Crowd DNA.