Golden Eagle of Tomorrow’s Bliss is the legend of a bird-rocket. Made of money and carrying a charge of security, it is called upon to give Russia prosperity. We are what we believe.
During the Cold War, several missile systems were set up around Moscow. One of them was the Golden Ring of Air Defense, equipped with missiles of the S-25 Berkut type (“Berkut” means ‘golden eagle’ in English), another one was located throughout the territory of the former RSFSR, including such areas as Kostroma, Ivanovo, and Vladimir – the intercontinental ballistic missile-based system with rockets of the UR-100 type. Both of them were demobilised in the 1980s and 1990s.
It’s said that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, tons of out-of-use Soviet money were dumped in the empty rocket mines. The mass media and treasure hunters still report frequently on the discoveries of treasures hidden in the forests.
Installation view at the group exhibition “Myths and Legends of Everyday Life”, the New Wing of Gogol House, Moscow, Russia, 2018. 
Photo: Denis Esakov.
3D Model, 2020
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