From my point of view the influence of certain people makes the man's life. Their way of life and believes determine you and the way you perceive the world. This influence is the most intense in childhood and youth, when the ability to trust and to be excited is maximal.
 I was born and spent more than 20 years in Kostroma (the small town to the North-East of Moscow). I left Kostroma for Moscow about three years ago to study and work. They say the motherland cures, but every time
I was in Kostroma I felt myself uncomfortable. It seemed to me that I hadn't finished something, hadn't said something important.
This project is an experiment over myself: during 4 days of the March 2012, which I spent in Kostroma, I met with the people who determined me. Their influence can lasted for years (parents) or can be fleeting (the first one way love).  The meetings didn't depend on my present relations with the heroes -  I spoke the first time over several years with some of them.
We were standing on the different sides of the camera gazing in the faces of each other. We were trying to understand what had changed in each of us. The series was completed by the landscapes. They released the nature of my heroes and kind of relationships between us.
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