This project is about the land which exists and does not exist at the same time. It’s called differently in different maps depending on which side you are now. It’s about suspense. 
The territory of former the South Ossetian Autonomous oblast within the Georgian SSR declares itself independent Republic during the collapse of the Soviet Union. For about 20 years there was a constant military conflict. The recent rise of tension was in August 2008 and led to full scale military actions. The legacy of South Ossetia is still uncertain. 
The project was awarded at Young Photography contest 2017, OFF Triennale Hamburg 2018, selected for screening at Riga Photomonth 2018.
Exposition view of "Tear Line" solo show at Studio 45. Part of OFF-Triennale programme.
Hamburg, 2018.
Exposition view at Mozhet Festival 2017, Vladikavkaz.
The book dummy was shortlisted for Istanbul Photobook Festival 2017. 
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