Troyka Union is a creative art group, consisting of three young artists: Olga Rodina, Anastasia Soboleva and Lena Tsibizova. They decided to create an art group during their vacations in the summer of 2012. A year later, girls graduated from “British Higher School of Art and Design” and by the summer of 2013 managed to win few art competitions. Their distinctive, lyrical images are gradually becoming a new stage in the development of Russian photography. They are using “the language” that is clear and understood all over the world. In the center of their attention and study is their homeland. The main idea is to research, study and contemplate on the landscape, the human environment and the after-effect of his impact on nature. They study peculiarity of the local towns and villages, but man remains in focus. Analysing the projects of  “Troyka”, one can speak about the return of anthropocentric tendencies and romanticism into the photography, or the rise of a new era of humanism, as well as of a deep immersion into the poetic world of the daily life, but in all their works man acts as a semantic center of the universe. 
Text by Svetlana Teylor Grekova
Kostroma, Suzdal, Tomsk, Smolensk, Nevezhkino, Belinsk
2012 – 2014
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